Welcome to a new era of construction management.

Try Buildcon web/mobile app and get the most precise analytics of quantities and expenses, directly from the field.

Deliver all of your projects on time and with maximum effectiveness, with our ultimate Lean Construction software.

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Real time project tracking

Create instant connection between construction site and office that helps you make faster and better decisions real-time. Do monthly planning and daily tracking for maximum project performance.

Easy to use

Forget about juggling Excel, Revit and Primavera files, confusing emails, endless notes or some outdated tools of yesterday. With Buildcon you track construction projects more precisely and hassle-free, with only few clicks.

Constructed to fit your needs

Rely on us and we will analyze your project tracking processes to consult you on organizational changes for full digitization of your business. We will create and implement a tailor made Buildcon version to fit your processes and current software solutions.

Focus on what matters with centralized coordination and agile control of your construction projects.

New take on BOQ, WBS, costs, sheets and project schedule

Assign different persons/companies to workgroups and ensure daily progress tracking of all your projects in one place. Spare your engineers filling Excel sheets and numerous reports and let them do what they do best.

Complete Lean construction process

Have total control of progress costs in real-time and manage weekly/monthly resources and expenses, divided by their type. Achieve your plans and ensure the best project results with continual planning.

Easy to use tablet app

Have latest versions of plans and smart sheets anywhere and anytime. Just in a couple of clicks, your progress, quantities and RFI’s are filled directly on site.

Smart tracking with OneSheet™

Get instant daily overview of progress and issues for managers and stakeholders. OneSheet™ are plans with assigned parts of BOQ that foremen and field engineers effortlessly fill-in every day, by using tablets and phones. Get BOQ, schedule and plan collected in one sheet.

Effective Photo Reports, Logs and Tasks

Use our super fast and simple tools for daily overview of all your projects. Manage your tasks with photos and comments for any activity with automated daily reports. Enjoy working with RFC’s and tasks with user tagging for fastest response.


Many software solutions are used for planning, accounting, documenting and scheduling in office.

Buildcon is the best tool available to feed your office software with data and analytics instantly from the field.

Forget about useless data without effective analytics

Buildcon has data models for all types of automated reports, benchmarking and predictions. As a construction company manager it’s not your job to build the data models and deal with analytics - so we do it for you. Our reports are customizable and adjustable, so you get what you really need.


At top management strategic decisions are easier if you know precise metrics from the field.

Data from all projects combined can provide valuable insights that can be leveraged for your future business.

Project managers

Steering one or more projects is a tough and challenging task. Buildcon is project manager’s “eyes and ears” on the field. No more errors, misunderstandings and avoiding of responsibilities. Significantly improved information flow leads to faster and timely reactions.

Planning engineers

One product that covers bill of quantity, cost control, progress and performance. Quantity distribution, bid management, subcontractors and suppliers management - everything needed for complete control over project. Automated daily, weekly and monthly reports easily shared with key stakeholders.

Field engineers

With powerful and simple tools engineers get “an extra pair of hands” and more time. Reducing paperwork and finishing all office tasks in the field, Buildcon makes it easier for engineers to do the real engineering work.

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